General Description

A student has always treated harsh for their regular study only. Different analysts and educationists have different analysis and views on participation of student in politics. Every one opinion differ on the issue whether students be allowed to take part in politics or otherwise. In my opinion, politics should not be forbidden for students, however, they should be trained for politics up to a limit. They should have liberty to take part in politics during their studies.

Shadow Image of Student Politics

It is a bright truth that politics is concerned with the affairs of the country, its constitution, foreign relations, national issues and other important daily routine matters. A good and a very young citizens are naturally interested in these important affairs. The literacy rate in Pakistan is good and even the street boys are also read newspapers, magazines and news channel very commonly. These students are also commenting on the events going on in the country. Of course, their views on politics are very superficial and immature but their keen interest is a positive gesture towards professional politics. Similarly, attitude of students at college or university level are also the same.  The students at college and university level are fighting with each other during union-elections etc.

Manual Method of Politics Learning

Students are learning politics during their college and university life from senior politicians manually and in this way, their interest in the political affairs of the country becomes mature. Some people are of the opinion that students are wasting their precious time by indulging in politics which is not good for their future. They conclude that no student be allowed to take part in politics. In my opinion, students be given political training before participating in politics in the schools and colleges.

Importance of Student Politics

The question is whether we may isolate the students from politics or politics from our lives. The life of a man is very complicated, silly and strange. If we forbid students from politics then we cannot produce good political leaders which will create shortage of political leaders and no one will care our community and citizens. If so, then how is it possible to keep our students, the cream of our nation, away from politics? No doubt, there is a danger that students be misguided. But we should guard against this danger. Let us face the issue boldly. We should develop the right type of political consciousness in our students.

Mode of Training for Students

Some people think that politics is a fishy game and spoils the career of young people, therefore, students be kept away from it which is incorrect. Students should get proper professional political training in their colleges and universities. Students be allowed to take part in politics in a restricted way. Participation of students in politics under proper guidance is better than keeping them away from politics. They may be made able to face the political problems of the country.


We are living in the important part of the world. If we lose any opportunity to build our nation, then we will not face the challenges of the day. Therefore, we must prepare our young generation for today’s challenges.
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